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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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teacher is opened in 1989 as the ballot school and rapidly combroepg to be the top dance academy in the san francisco bay area the program believed it's important to develop the outstanding skills but self-confidence and strong more like characters it to say create good more like dmrashg a difference population this saturday at the lourl high school they'll be hosting two performances spring performance one at the 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and the master of ceremony will be court of appeals leigh graduate of the school of the arts she was formerly ms. california 2013 and
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the first runner-up she only missed that by one step. i hope you'll all join me and supervisor tang in supporting this resolution and congratulations for 25 years of serving the community its third reading >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor tang first of all, thank you supervisor mar i was once a bacterial run i am glad you are honoring her today. so today, i'm actually very excited with the support of mayor ed lee and actually all of you here today to introduce an important bond measure on the ballot to address the needs for the cities transportation system thank you all the co-sponsors on the board of supervisors. after decades of under environmentalist we know our streets transportation system
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has fallen in disrepair and muni a can be closing slow along the busiest transportation system one of the environment i hear and all of us hear from our constituents that muni is unreliable and a great acceptance of frustration for people to get to work and school and to events. we have a long time to go for pedestrian safety. people who walk through our community and use our situations and cross the streets they have a right to feel safe that's a priority for us to the vision zero that's our new evidence push to eliminate all traffic deaths this is especially important as we continue to see the growth in our city. last year mayor ed lee convened a task force for the
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transportation problems and recommended ways to resolve them and the transportation 2030 passage is an investment program that will help to fill the transportation goggling gap to fill the needs that san franciscans get the transportation they need and deserve in all parts of the city. the general bond proposition will address the needs it calls for the sale of bonds in the sale of $500 million to fund muni upgrades for more reliable operations. i believe this bond will be a turning point for transportations in san francisco. the bond will improve muni performances to the corridors that san franciscans rely on and it will at the most basic level
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make muni faster and more reliable and those funds will improve the environment for people who walk and bike and improve safety ass at that time, intersection that will fund the pedestrian safety embarrassments like wider sidewalks and well-defined bike ways it's part of our city's 10 year capital plan that impacts pedestrian safety and improves the neighborhood and the geobond adds transportation into the strategic city. this investment will provide important benefits without costing our residents more like other bonds that have funded the libraries and fire stations this transportation bonds will not
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increase property takes. the city has responsiblyly made that part of issuing the new bones as those are paid off and it insures regular spending as representatives of our want respective neighborhoods we serve and hear what our constituents want. many of us have heard they want a deniable transportation network to get around the city. to date we've received feedback why the from community groups and we're going to be continuing this outreach with open houses in every single districts throughout the year. take the opportunity to a acknowledge the haishgd staff that got the details of the bopped total went up the sfmta and the public works. i grew up riding muni it's so
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disappointing when i hear today how residents are experiencing the same infraction frustration when muni was my main mold mode of transportation. up i believe this transportation obligation bond will help us to be on a world-class transportation system to serve generations to come. colleagues, i appreciate our support and looking forward to our upcoming debate >> thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor campos. i'm introducing a resolution that authorizes the san francisco defender's office to accept an extended grant in the amount of $235,000 for the purpose of implementing their legal advocacy program leap. and the leap program is
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currently in its third year and staffed by an attorney and social worker are that the project has served more than 2 hundred and 50 people in the last year's it provides legal work assistance for people in the juvenile justice system for school aspirin and truancy it 80 will help to keep students out of sudden and trouble. the project has led to excellent outcomes for you tell youth that have praept from 62 to 68 clients have improved their school attention and 13 percent have reoffend they've received from the super in fact the
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mcallister award program that is to be recognized program of the year. i'm proud to support this incredible project that's had a positive impact on the youth in the criminal justice system the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor campos and your patience mr. mr. president, that's concluded the roll call. >> i know we have a number of 330 special items and a couple of individuals for public comment i have least one public comment card i'd like to take ask everyone for public comment if you could please stand up so we can see there are a number of you that are we do have a number of 8:3:30 support orders i'm
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sorry. >> it is if 3:00 p.m. >> unfortunate we have 4, 3 o'clock special orders let's get through them. >> madam clerk can you call the first 3:00 p.m. special orders some have been withdrawn tabled by operation of law the appellant withdrew the constraint i'd like to call items thirty and 31 that will likely take a if you moms o nominates to resolve. >> pursuant to a motion approved on april 29th it committee will have a public hamburger to a resolution approving the assessment costs subject of item 31 submitted by
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the director of public works to be performed by the director pursuant to the administrative code paid for out of a bright abatement fund. >> this is a hearing to consider dpw assessment of courts for blighted properties can i ask the representative from dpw to briefly describe the and a half of the report if there's members of the public that has issued we're happy to hear from you and ask you to have a brief conversation with the city staff to resolve the staff and last night in the meeting we'll bring you back so to dpw staff. >> good afternoon president chiu i'm gregariously i think representing the public works
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diversity unit chapter 80 of the admin code it requires the property owners maintain their property in a safe and blight free situation we spicket the graffiti and notify the permanence to make the improvements they must maintain the property free of blight they've invited the property owners by regular mail and certified mail. the notice of violation provides information on how to contact the graffiti united and how to request a meeting and an stinks. upside down by mail notifies we should the pictures of the graffiti. we also include a frequently mail sheet in cases with the
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property owners refuses to do the work the city will perform the corrections and access the costs. the department requests your approval the list of obligated proposed - properties >> any members of the public you are welcome to make public comment up to two minutes and others who are in the same boat we've resolve the matter any members of the public if you wish to challenge this, please stand up on the right hand the chamber. >> i'm isaak i have address 815
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that grant avenue. and we be getting all those nosey have a bunch of them here. every time we get a nose we get thirty days to clean the graffiti we've done so every time the reason we're here we got a certification and we got the first notice on may 9, 2013. and they give us the ticket on 5, 23 they not wait for the thirty days to knee. and this is the last couple of years every time we get a ticket we clean it. nothing has been done to help us i spoke with grech i think and
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mohammed and they promised they can do something but nothing done. if you >> thank you. next speaker. . and i'll tell all the must be please wait in the chamber and i'll let you know what to do to protest any issues of the report >> good afternoon. i'm victor gilbert i'm here about two nos one today regarding file number 43301. public hearing access costs i think it's about graffiti because i get so many and another a complaint levy on me by the fire department on howard street about the fact that i didn't know that when the
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building is rented from one party to another from my automotive shop to a jim we were supposed to get a permit and early 13 i was downloading with cancer and that's my reason for not respond i made messages to jones and today, i had a conversation with the inspector who i said to him, i was having money difficulty his name was lee he said if you have money difficulties call god. i wanted to put that in here. i don't know how much money is owed i've owned the building for 40 years at the 960 howard and
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i'm constantly getting graffiti. and the change of use they have put a sign up i don't know about that so i'm here appealing i'm not prepared with the words i'm spotted to say i left a message for john three or four weeks ago and didn't hear back so i tried. and the last thing - >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hi i'm chris cob i'm calling here about property on kansas street payroll there's graffiti and stuff but it's been taken care of i'm having work done on the property and i want to take
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care of this and get it done and whatever i have to do or pay i'm willing to do it just said to be here today as 3 o'clock here am. >> thank you very much. next speaker. . good afternoon >> excuse me, sir if everyone is here for the hearing wait at the end of the hearing i'm giving instructions so hold tight for a moment. >> yes. >> next speaker. >> and i'm allen i'm here for any mom she owns the property. the graffiti we have a lot of graffiti problem because there's a wall next to our house owned by the traffic and parking it's 13 feet high and there is graffiti on the see of the house it's expensive to clean you, you
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know, to clean the graffiti with the parking lot next to it and cars parked there and there's a - i mean, the wall has mural i've contacted gretchen and the office of supervisor campos. they couldn't do anything the problem still persists people walk up on the wall and do the graffiti they put up a whole bunch the graffiti is costs three or four hundreds dollars to clear it, it's fit that we put money in i hope someone helps us doing something about the wall spikes or something so they can't walk up and graffiti the wall. that's it
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>> thank you ver >> thank you very much. next speaker. . >> hi this is the same problem about the graffiti. i just received this ticket say i need to pay this is i owe 6 grand avenue they've be happening all the time. i'm surprised every time we paint over this notice is from last year and i really don't have a memory for last year. you know, like it happened the same building we paint over last week and today, we go there and see the paint they do same thing going again but that's not fair for you. i think i believe when this time happened we already paint over
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but they come to do next day or maybe next two days that's happened all the time. and this ticket i don't think i need to pay because it happens so often every time we paint over no more than 7 days they come to do it again. we hope city can help us do something. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. . >> hi i'm sue i'm a property owner in selma on harrison street i have the same issue as many property owners do we do our part clean the graffiti but the serial painters are coming
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again and again and we paint it over you want to graffiti they climb a two-story roof to deface the property they come back again over and over so the department of public works they cleaned it well, i cleaned to too i got another one and i took a picture the property so which of those are right. every time we ask them to come out they're not artists their defacing property owner this is frustrating i don't mean to sound so vocational but it's been going on for years and i understand supervisor breed has created a legislation but the
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criminal level they don't do jack stuff. we caught them in the middle of the night and the cops came they had to climb the roof the police took them to jail but it wasn't a $400 so it wasn't a felon. what's the level of punishment for the graffiti artists to come again and again. there apparently isn't anything i have two brothers that are cops they say you call 9-1-1 and arrest them - >> thank you very much thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm tang owner of property on mission
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street. as all the people said we have got the notice from graffiti on may 15th we actually calendar up the property every single week not wait thirty days but on june 22nd they took another picture and i think i shouldn't have to pay for that that's it thank you >> thank you. next speaker. . my name is agnes i representing represent my family is here about the graffiti on the property owner. i feel graffiti is in a city is really the city effects our life everyday we worried about that our building get tagged everyday we clean it today they'll come
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in the evening we come to the building we look at our all the surrounding our building to see if graffiti is there we have to send our walker to clean every few days but we still get ticket from the dpw department and contacted them many times to see if there's any way the city can help us but instead of dpw doesn't give us any answer and if we're utilizing late to pay the graffiti they'll send us an invoice ambassador i received an invoice for 35 hundreds and another one $900 and received two tickets they said to give us thirty days now they change it to two weeks they'll put it on
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and dpw office they didn't know they sent indirect the next couple of days they sent us ticket so i hope the city can do something to help the property owners. thank you. thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi i'm a mark a business owner on howard street we get graffiti all the time i know the policies to have the property owner responsible for painting over the graffiti so i wanted to know if it decreases the graffiti they did research on how many nos it's like 21 hundred per month to property owners that's a high number for something that's supported to 0
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decrease diversity. so if there's a diversity abatement fund to help me but maxillowe get nos after nos and no criminal punishment for the graffitiers my truck was congregated and i was called the next day by the da and said at the 2 o'clock to show the damage so i quickly took any truck and make sure it was over $400 and it was still charged as an misdemeanor and the charges were dropped >> next speaker >> i'm here today because i got the notice of the thoughts assessment and i applied for a
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hardship. we pretty much have to paint over graffiti and on our side of the building it's private property for parking we can only get in the to six so it takes us longer we need more time because we need someone about going in and out on the weekend i'm not is this how do we follow-up if we're getting charged or not with the assessment is there any follow-up >> there's no follow-up. >> i a want to find out what the charge was at the end of this hearing i'm going to ask every member of the public who spoke to meet with the public staff hold on for two more speakers. >> okay. thank you. >> they smile and ride no our
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place oh, what a messy space the graffiti people. one of the expensive task. they smile and write in your space all and messy place and what an expensive task expensive tasker. smile and graffiti faces sometimes pretend to be fewer friend and smile and graffiti faces show no traces of graffiti evil that lurks within. it's just the graffiti smile upside down and i'll hope you'll fix and smile in graffiti faces placing please clean those
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spaces >> (clapping) >> ain't that the undisputed truth. >> and. >> next speaker. >> any other members of the public wish to speak please step forward. >> i'm having an interesting experience and graffiti is one of them. the perpetrators are being completing let off there 0 must be on a legislation that gives them the responsibility they've done if you get g a right now you have to work i think they should work off the penalties and show up thank you certain plays and do it. and we're not going to solve the problem until we find a way for them to be responsible for their acts thank you
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> larry this bright is not bright it's not graffiti i'm wearing with you i look at the outside we have blight inside our lives like racism and him or her for we i myself who did graffiti volunteering in the mission to paint the streets it's also important that people express themselves and graffiti and blight can be art for as we notice on market street where between 6 and 5th it was a pool hall that sat there for years on market street it was